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Greenfield Lake is a 90-acre Cypress Dome Ecosystem in the heart of Wilmington.  This urban lake is full of surprises and, believe it or not, is where you are guaranteed to see the most wildlife.  Learn about fascinating history of the lake while your guide identifies plants, animals and impacts.  This tour is 1.5 hours long.

Greenfield Lake Eco-Tour: Tours
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If you’re looking for an easy paddle to explore something truly unique, take the Greenfield Lake Tour. You’ll discover hidden gems, hear surprising stories and leave feeling like a local. Just sign up and let me take care of all the details.

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You will have a strong chance of seeing the American Alligator on this tour!  They are more often seen than not on any tour between March and November.  Your guide will tell you all about these living dinosaurs along with all the other amazing wildlife at Greenfield Lake.

Includes kayak, paddle, life jacket and guide!

  • Single = $75

  • Party of 2 = $95

  • Party of 3 = $130

  • Party of 4 = $165

  • Party of 5 = $200

  • Party of 6 = $235

  • Party of 7 = $275

  • Party of 8 = $315

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Booking trips now!  The Greenfield Lake Tour is not tide dependent like our other epic tours.  That makes it much more flexible in terms of availability.  Reach out to us if you would like to book a Greenfield Lake tour!  We will get back to you quickly.

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