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Your guide will lead you across the intracoastal waterway and through a complex myriad of subtidal and intertidal areas along the sound side of the island and point out some amazing estuarine species. We may find Green or Loggerhead sea turtle nests on the beach after landing on the island and carefully walking through dune and foredune habitat. Your guide will identify species of concern, possibly including the American Oystercatcher, Black Skimmer and Wilson’s Plover. Bottlenose dolphins are often spotted on both the sound side and ocean side of Masonboro Island. This 3.5-hour adventure includes 4 miles of paddling and about 1.5 hours of island exploration (swimming in the surf, hunting for shells and sharks teeth or just beaching it) away from your kayak.  

A longer amount of time on the island can be arranged!

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Your road to the secluded barrier island

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Return paddle with dunes in the background

Masonboro Island Preserve: Services


Guided kayaking trips

Explore Masonboro Island - the largest, pristine barrier island along the southern part of
the North Carolina coast. This 8.4-mile long nature preserve is dominated by white,
sandy beach within an estuarine ecosystem. With Wilmington Outdoor Adventures, you
will have the rare opportunity to spend time on a portion of the reserve that is more

Masonboro Island Preserve: Tours
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One person: $115

Party of Two: $125

Party of Three: $175

Party of Four: $225

Party of Five: $275

Party of Six: $325

Party of Seven: $375

Party of Eight: $425

Discounted with your own kayak!

A private surf lesson can be added to a custom trip.

For questions about a custom trip, for more information, or to book a date not listed, email or

text 910-742-3199.

The following trips are based on tides so the current will be with you there and back. Book your Island Adventure here! If you don't see a date that fits your schedule, text 910-742-3199 or email and we will do our best to make it work!

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