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It's Earth Week!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Getting outside is healthy for the body and the mind. This #Earth Day, get yourself or the whole family outdoors for some outdoor adventures in #Wilmington NC.

Research has shown that getting outside and active reduces anxiety and depression. It lowers the risk of obesity in both adults and children, and is linked with higher test scores! Outdoor adventures release endorphins that act like a natural pain killer. Another health benefit from being out in nature: Vitamin D, which strengthens bones and is thought to help the immune system fight off infection.

Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 since 1970. It was originally created to bring attention to environmental goals like cleaner air and water. Today Earth Day reminds us to get outside into nature. Here are some simple outdoor activities to consider:

Go outside at an unusual time: nighttime! Go stargazing or ride to the beach for a moonrise over the Atlantic. There are several free stargazing Apps. I have Star Chart and love it. To stay on top of sun and moon rises and sets go to Wilmington Sunset and Sunrise.

Start a compost pile. Generating your own rich compost (so-called “black gold”) is not only fun, but also useful. It’s also a great tool for teaching kids about nature’s version of recycling.

Go for a bike ride. Coasting along on the open road makes you feel like a kid again. Check out Wilmington’s Cross City Trail.

Make homemade trail mix and take it on a hike.

Don’t stop the outdoor adventures after Earth Day!

Summer Camp is a great way for the kids you love to spend time outside. Wilmington Outdoor Adventures will facilitate three summer adventure camp opportunities in 2022 for kids aged 7 and up within the Cape Fear region.

Take a guided kayak tour with Wilmington Outdoor Adventures. WOA offers three different Wilmington kayaking tours for beginner kayaking and intermediate kayaking. All tours take place in southern North Carolina’s coastal plain, either in or near Wilmington NC.

Use 2022 Earth Week to inspire your nature-loving soul and get outside and explore!

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