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The Importance of Outdoor Adventure Summer Camps

There are a lot of summer camps to choose from in Wilmington, NC. Outdoor Adventure can be overlooked when considering the impact summer camp will have. Outdoor Adventure creates a more capable human. Campers learn to trust themselves and become more self-reliant. In Kayak & Surf camp, reaching Masonboro island after towing a surfboard for the first time creates a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration. Campers learn to overcome their fears. Catching a wave off the uncrowded, white sand beach opens up a whole new world for some.

on teamwork rather than competition. Everyone cheers when someone catches that first wave or slides onto the kayak ramp after a day of being active outdoors. Whatever new challenge stokes your child's inner explorer, they will leave that activity with a sense of empowerment. Perhaps the most important aspect of Outdoor Adventure is the raw experience of being in nature. The best part? Campers are creating and sharing those memories with their closest friends.

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